OpenStack + OVH = Public Cloud

OVH combined the best virtualization technology with its hardware and network expertise in order to bring you a cloud adapted to every user.

Based on OpenStack cloud technology

"The OVH public cloud is based on standard cloud technologies, to which we have added the guarantee of performance and data security. We designed it to make migrating to the Cloud easier."

Damien Rannou, Tech Lead - OVH Brest, France

Root access

You are the administrator of your own machine, as with all OVH infrastructure products.


With KVM and QEMU you can export your images (QCOW2, VMDK (VMware), VDI (Virtualbox), RAW, OVA (Amazon), VHD (Microsoft), ISO...).

Guaranteed resources

OVH will not overallocate resources, so RAM and CPU are guaranteed as they would be with a dedicated machine.

High availability

Data on our additional disks is replicated on three physical machines in the datacentre.

Did you know...?

Our Public Cloud teams use serveral open-source projects (RabbitMQ, Galera, QEMU KVM, OVS, Puppet...) as well as other OVH projects (DBaaS Time series, Logs aaS, TaT, Ceph aaS...)

Based on the reference cloud technology

"OVH chose OpenStack, both an open and mature technology. We then adapted the experience for newcomers and "cloud-ready" users alike."

Maxime Hurtrel, Product Manager - OVH Quebec, Canada


Companies such as PayPal, WalMart, NASA and CERN have all adopted OpenStack.


OpenStack guarantees reversibility (you can use the same API if you change provider).


You use the same API on your OVH Private Cloud and Public Cloud (a hybrid strategy).


OpenStack is one of the most active open-source projects, ahead of the Linux kernel.

Did you know...?

OVH is a major OpenStack partner (Infrastructure Donor). As a result, a significant portion of patches and new features introduced continuously into different projects are compiled, tested and included in OVH cloud instances.

Built on the best of OVH

"True to its values, OVH has chosen the best hardware and has not compromised on the network. We wanted to be able to guarantee performances comparable to those of bare metal."

Krzysztof Tomaszewski, R&D – OVH Wrocław, Poland

A large range of solutions adapted to different purposes

We are offering multiple Intel x86 CPUs (coming from the server line), with a number of frequency, core and RAM combinations.

"Enterprise" disks

Our SSD and NVMe disks from the Enterprise line guarantee the highest I/O.

High-performance network

Each of the Public Cloud instances has a direct public IP, with no NAT or gateway.

Anti-DDoS protection

Each customer's incoming bandwidth is guaranteed. Our servers have OVH anti-DDoS protection.

Did you know...?

Each physical machine hosting virtual servers has two very high-performance network interfaces, one of which is solely dedicated to customer traffic.

Designed to speed up your developments

"The OpenStack infrastructure enables developers to easily automate infrastructure management so they can get the most out of the Cloud."

Jean-Daniel Bonnetot, OpenStack expert – OVH Lyon, France


By exposing the OpenStack APIs, OVH gives you access to all the SDKs which are developed and kept up to date in the most common languages: Python, PHP, Java, Go...


Compatible with dozens of tools and orchestrators including Terraform, Docker-machine, Vagrant, Juju, SaltStack, CloudFoundry, Cloud Management Platform, CloudForms, RightScale, Scalr...


The community is very active, boasting dozens of events each month around the world, where you can perfect your knowledge and exchange with your peers.


OVH regularly integrates new OpenStack features that all customers can benefit from.

Did you know...?

OVH guarantees that your data is strictly isolated in your chosen datacentre, but our tools (API, customer account) enable the creation of infrastructures on multiple continents.

What makes the OVH Public Cloud different?

The story of OVH Public Cloud told by those who designed and built the infrastructure.

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