Public Cloud Instances

Start your project in our Canadian datacentre with CAD 50 free credit, using this code:

This voucher can only be used if you do not currently have a Public Cloud project, and is limited to one voucher per NIC handle. When you activate it, your prepaid OVH account will be credited with the equivalent of fifty ($50) CAD dollars. The credit can be used for all new projects created with Public Cloud instances located in our BHS data centre. The credit is used in accordance with the standard pricing applicable and available on the OVH website (including hourly or monthly billing, and Linux or Windows options). To use the service with the vouchers, you need to accept the applicable terms of service listed on the OVH website, unless any SLAs are applied. The activation code for this voucher is valid until 31st December 2019 (23:59 GMT), and the voucher must be activated when you create a new project in the OVH Control Panel. The credit provided by the voucher on your prepaid OVH account is valid for a duration of one (1) month, and is automatically deducted in full from your next bill. This credit has no monetary value, and thus cannot be exchanged, transferred or refunded. Once the credit has been used up, your account will be debited as normal each time you use the service. For this reason, you need to have a valid payment method saved in the OVH Control Panel. If you would like to cancel this service without incurring any additional fees, you will need to cancel your projects in the OVH Control Panel before your usage exceeds the total credit balance covered by the voucher.

Public Cloud expands worldwide with two new datacenters in Singapore and in Australia . Deploy your applications as close as possible to your users!

Why choose Public Cloud instances?

Public Cloud instances (virtual servers) combine flexibility and guaranteed resources. In under a minute, you get CPU, RAM and storage with no resource overallocation. You are also the root user, as you are with a dedicated server. Public Cloud incorporates hourly billing and a number of features such as the ability to add resources without reinstalling. The OpenStack API lets you automate your infrastructure.

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Performance and high availability

OVH ensures guaranteed resources, without overallocation. 100% of resources, 100% of the time.


Buying a single server or full infrastructure? the Control Panel will help you get what you need. Billing is simple: hourly or monthly billing for each machine, no surprises.


Adapt your instances to your needs by upgrading or downgrading them at any time. Add disks and IPs and move them between instances.

Open source and reversibility

OVH uses, contributes to and exposes the OpenStack API's, which ensure that your cloud environments are portable and able to work in hybrid mode between OVH and various cloud providers.

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Are you an expert? This interface is made for you!

A complete infrastructure in a few clicks

If you are a developer or infrastructure expert and want a more technical interface, OVH gives you access to the Horizon management interface as well as the standard OpenStack APIs. Equally, you use the ecosystem (compatible tools, documentation, tutorials ...) of the largest open-source project in the world.

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