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Serveur dédié Game-1

Ce serveur est équipé du dernier processeur AMD Ryzen 5 5600X et associé à la vitesse du stockage SSD NVMe pour garantir à vos joueurs des conditions de jeu optimales.

  • Hébergement de jeux
  • Chats vocaux
  • Plateformes de streaming
AI Notebooks

Launch your AI projects and models with notebooks in minutes

  • No infrastructure management
  • Jupyter or VS Code
  • CPU or GPU resources
  • With your preferred AI frameworks

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From backup to business continuity: How to stay prepared

According to Gartner, an incident involving a service interruption costs an average of 4,595 euros per minute. In addition to the financial impact, a computer failure or disaster can temporarily or permanently harm your customers’ data. Such losses would be dramatic for your company's reputation.


Our Global Infrastructure

20 Tbit/s
of global network capacity 

32 datacenters
present on 4 continents

34 PoP redondants
around the world