Use cases for instances

High availability cloud, adding instances in under a minute, Big Data analysis...

See our examples of how the OVH Public Cloud can bring flexibility and performance to your projects.

Migrate an application to the Cloud

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High-availability storage Additional disks A simple interface Monthly billing

OVH's Public Cloud solutions are particularly suited to migrating web and business applications away from dedicated servers, which were previously on site or at a service provider. Hardware RAID replicates SSD drives in order to ensure that the system is durable, while the data on your additional disks is secured by triple replication with Ceph. One more advantage: you save money by paying monthly, while getting the flexibility you need in unforeseen circumstances.

Managing peak loads

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Add a server in less than 1 minCompatible with Load Balancing IPsUsage alerts Cloud-init syntax

On its own or in combination with other infrastructures (especially our Dedicated Servers or OVH Private Cloud), the OVH Public Cloud brings full scalability to your projects. Respond to a peak load immediately by adding instances, or temporarily increasing a machine's resources. You can automate all these adjustments using post-installation scripts with cloud-init and you can manage your costs thanks to usage alerts.

Give your development teams more freedom

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Single invoice and credit for each project Delegate rightsPay hourly Low-cost "VPS" instances

As each project is managed individually, you are able to give each of your tech teams their own budget. They will then have total freedom to use the resources they need for development and tests. This flexibility also extends to the infrastructure, speeding up your projects. With the OVH Public Cloud you can test how an application will behave with dozens of different configurations, for a very small fee.

Speed up mass data processing

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High-performance private networks CPU and RAM instances Local SSD disks OpenStack API compatible with orchestrators

Video processing, software compilation and integration, Big Data analysis...many projects require significant computing power for varying lengths of time. Our most powerful servers deliver up to 32 high-frequency cores, local SSDs, and they are connected to the vRack which means you can create clusters. Through the OpenStack API, you can automate when work begins and ends, so you only pay for the hours you need for your business.

Some projects which use Public Cloud instances

Customer case studies: find out how our customers use Public Cloud instances to support their infrastructures.


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