Additional Disks

Storage capacity for all your needs

OVH Public Cloud compliant

Classic Volume

Triple replication

200 IOPS* guaranteed


S$ 0.0616
 (ex. GST)/month/GB

High Speed Volume

Triple replication

Up to 3,000 IOPS*


S$ 0.1232
 (ex. GST)/month/GB

*Input/output Operation Per Second.

Advantages of our storage solutions

Powered by OpenStack

Attach to an instance in a few clicks

Triple data replication

Data durability: 100%

Flexible storage

Instances often come with a fixed disk capacity, forcing users who want to increase storage capacity to buy more instances.

With Additional Disks, you can add more disk space to your instances. By attaching disks to your instances and moving them between instances in the same datacentre, you can tailor your storage to your needs.

Configurable from 10 GB to 10 TB, they're available in two versions:
one has the efficiency level of a hard drive while the other performs like an SSD drive.

Included with your storage

Your data

Unlimited number of volumes per instance

Guaranteed I/O performance

Up to several petabytes of storage

Triple replication

Security & network


Network SLA 99.999%

File durability: 100%

Anti-DDoS included

Management and support

OVH & OpenStack API

OVH Control Panel

Email and phone support

reversibility and automatic deployment guaranteed

OVH, a member of the OpenStack Foundation, gives you access not only to its own API and Control Panel, but also to Swift - the standard OpenStack API - and Horizon - the OpenStack management interface.

This means that you can migrate to and from a third-party provider's platform at any time, making it easier to manage your files.

Use cases

Add disk space

Accurately size your disk based on your requirements.

Migrate your data

Access your data from any of your instances.

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