Why choose an OVH VPS?

An infrastructure cut out for the web

The VPS, between Web and Cloud

The OVH virtual private servers allow for a gradual transition from web hosting to the self-management of a virtual server. No matter how fast your applications can grow and your need for autonomy, our VPS services will provide you with the best value for money.

A VPS is the perfect compromise between the freedom offered by a dedicated server and the great scalability and peace of mind you get from virtualization.

This freedom to manage your services enables you to install the operating system of your choice or to choose from any of our LAMP, CMS or e-commerce preinstallations.

OVH VPS exclusive services

Benefit from the huge added value of our network services. Distribute your traffic with the Load Balancing IP, ensure the continuity of your business operations with the Failover IP, and the fluidity and visibility of your website with the geolocated IP. These services will ensure that your VPS is always in the right place, at the right time.

Protecting your data is a major concern for us. OVH simplifies data backup management on your VPS thanks to snapshots and multiprotocol backups (optional with this range VPS Cloud). You also have the possibility to program and automate your VPS backups.

Performance and availability

The quest for business continuity is done through a freely available infrastructure with no additional complexity. A distributed, expansible and fault tolerant storage solution based on the Ceph platform will give you the native high availability you need to ensure the stability of your services.