Upgrade your VPS

Your VPS is customizable to your needs

As the stepping stone of our cloud product line, the OVH VPS are greatly scalable. You can launch an entry-level machine and scale it up to a more powerful one, without reinstalling.

Need more powerful processors, more RAM and more disk space? The OVH VPS can be scaled up to suit your needs in just a few clicks.


Add disk space without upgrading your VPS

Upgrade your CPU and RAM at any time from your Control Panel

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Upgrading a VPS

You can upgrade your VPS to a more powerful server within the same series at anytime via the Control Panel.
Your entire system (OS, software, settings) will be saved and you only need to make one simple change on your VPS's disk. This will only take a few minutes and it is automatic and practically invisible to your users.

Finally, the remaining rental time on your old VPS server will now be automatically prorated towards the next-level model!

Additional disk

Aside from upgrading, you can also add storage space to your OVH VPS. In fact, you can add an additional disk of variable size to your VPS and you will be able to move that disk to another VPS.

When ordering the VPS or afterwards, simply select the size of the disk in your control panel and attach it to your VPS. Doing so will increase the storage capacity without affecting anything else.

50 GB


100 GB


200 GB


500 GB