Backup your VPS

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Backup methods suitable for all data protection strategies

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The 3 backup methods

There are several things to think about when you choose your backup method: full or differential backup, incremental or decremental, block-level or deduplication. These factors make it difficult to decide on a backup solution to deploy, but it's important to make the right choice, so you can ensure that your VPS's data is protected.

Automated backup

OVH's automated backup makes it all easier. In concrete terms, a backup of your VPS is planned daily, exported and then replicated 3 times before being made available in your OVH control panel.


Available as an option for VPS Cloud

Backup space

VPS Cloud users can drop their files to or retrieve them from a dedicated disk space by using the following protocols: FTP, NFS and CIFS, which can be used for file transfer on any operating system. This way, you can protect your data in case of a service interruption.

200 GB
Triple replication
Native high availability


Available as an option for VPS Cloud


An efficient and affordable backup strategy consisting of creating a snapshot of your virtual machine. Contrary to a full backup, you don't need to lock your data to prevent modification during the process. You will always have access to a reliable restoration point.

Now available as an option to all OVH VPS users, the snapshot allows you to keep an image of your machine or to create an incremental copy on top of a full backup copy (i.e.: automatic backup).




For VPS Cloud & Cloud RAM