Manage your VPS with ease

A simple and straightforward way to manage your VPS

OVH gives you root access so that you have total control of your VPS on a day-to-day basis. It also offers a comprehensive and secure API which lets you do everything you need to: reboot, re-install, configure, upgrade, activate additional features, access logs...

A well-informed and coherent RESTful API

With the OVH RESTful API, you can list all the possible administrative actions you would want to perform on your VPS, classified by category and on one page. All features have a description and you can simply click on a button to use them. Examples of code are also listed so that developers can integrate these features into their scripts.

Ideal for developers

The OVH RESTful API not only allows you to control your VPS quickly; it also offers you even more possibilities to automate certain tasks and to integrate them into your own development, to retrieve system information and reintegrate it into your websites. Thanks to the REST technology, all of this can be done very easily.


Management for all OVH VPS functions

Clear and synthetic overview

Technologie RESTful, utilisation sécurisée et contrôlée