Elite teams on standby 24/7
When you place an order at OVH.com, you establish a trusted relationship with a world class leader in digital infrastructure.
We know that the growth and development of your business depends on the availability and smooth running of your OVH products. To be worthy of your trust and to cover all eventualities, we have set up 3 different support teams which can be reached 24/7.

FASS: The first reponse team

The FASS (First Aid Specialist Squad) agents know how to apply first aid to OVH products. They don't read robotically from a troubleshooting script and they don't ask silly questions.

They are enthusiastic SysAdmins that use OVH products on a daily basis.

These excellent communicators will stay in contact with you and will keep you permanently updated on your requests. They will coordinate with the different people involved these complex situations.

SWAT: The tactical team

The SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) technicians intervene in all delicate situations. These SysAdmins are trained everyday to deal with the most unlikely scenarios and they are known for their ability to analyse complex situations and find the solutions fast.

When a SWAT team member takes action, the FASS agent remains online to ensure efficient communication between everybody involved. The customer is then assured that one agent is working on the issue while the other updates them in real time on the situation.

DERT: Digital firefighters

The DERT (Datacenter Emergency Response Team) team is permanently on site in the datacentre and always at close proximity to the servers.

They work with powerful tools that raise the alarm right from the very first sign of hardware component weakness, before it actually fails. An intervention is organized rapidly and the faulty parts are replaced.

Day and night, they intervene quickly on the OVH.com racks, which have been built and optimized to facilitate speedy interventions. They know the OVH.com servers better than anyone as they are involved in designing and manufacturing them.

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