MoMi, the Manager for iPhone / iPad!

The management interface on your iPhone

With MoMi, follows you everywhere. Administer, manage and modify domain name settings wherever you are.

Note The available versions of MoMi and OVH Android are now obsolete and don't include OVH's new services. To manage your new OVH services, go to the new client interface .

The management interface on your iPhone and iPad

Thanks to the many features of MoMi, follows you everywhere:
  • Multi-account access
  • Contacts
  • Owner management
  • Domain name management (renewal, DNS server, operations in progress, registration/transfer...)
  • Management of your dedicated servers (configuration, reboot, monitoring,…)
  • Sending SMS
  • multiple languages
  • ...

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New features of MoMi version 1.23.1

  • Bugs & improvements
    • of the unexpected closing of the application when modifying an IP failover (European accounts)
    • of the unexpected closing of the application when displaying MRTG graphs for dedicated servers (North-American accounts)
    • taking into account the special characters ":" and "&" in the password during login
    • Sessions remain valid during mobile connection
  • Public Cloud
    • SSH key management
    • Management of persistent disks
    • Image management (public and private)
    • Creation of an instance from an image
    • Consumption of persistent disks added
  • Identification
    • Possibility of connecting to a North American account
  • Settings
    • Added settings to clear the cache, manage the lock code without logging out, manage personal data
  • Dedicated Servers
    • Dedicated Servers
    • Update of MRTG graphs
  • SMS
    • Addition of a button to validate a recipient number when creating a new message
  • Email accounts
    • Fixed a bug blocking the selection of an a email address when creating an autoresponder
    • Added a confirmation when sharing email administration
  • Locking code
    • Possibility to choose the number of attempts to unlock the application
    • Only the "clear data" option is available to prevent total blockage of the application
  • Technical Support
    • Update of the interface for sending the report
  • Interface
    • Images adapted to Retina screen for iPad
    • Support iphone 5
    • Icons update
  • Public Cloud
    • Manage projects (creating, deleting, editing),
    • Manage instances (creating, deleting, archiving, starting),
    • Multiple mode on the instances (deleting, archiving, starting),
    • Consumption display.
  • Dedicated Servers
    • Manage IP failovers.
  • Improvements
    • Show accents for domain names.
  • Dedicated
    • Fixed error when reinstalling with a 64-bit distribution;
    • Automatic re-installation restarting if an error occurred during the previous installation.

  • Domains
    • Fixed bug that in some cases did not reinstall the DNS zone;
    • Fixed bug that in some cases would not create an A record of a DNS zone;
    • Fixed crash when editing a DNS "LOC" entry.

  • SMS
    • Minor interface modifications

  • Account
    • Fixed bug from not displaying personal information when the identification was carried out with an e-mail instead of a nic-handle.

  • Locking code
    • If an incorrect code is entered five times the application is blocked for two minutes.

  • iPad
    • Offset correction in the product icons.

  • VoIP
    • Fixed bug deactivating the line when modifying the call forwarding.

MoMi: your Manager at your finger tips

Following the online manager and the MoM software, innovates once again and now offers its first management application of your account for your iPhone or for your iPad: MoMi.

With MoMi, have a free account manager that follows you wherever you are. Connect to all your accounts, change passwords safely and find, at your finger tips, all the information related to your NIC-handle.

All of your domain names in your pocket

MoMi and our multi-selection system simplifies the daily management of domain names. Define domain groups, and update all your DNS servers in seconds.

Update the owner contacts and the names of your various contacts, while monitoring the ongoing operations you can immediately cancel or relaunch them.

Finally, MoMi allows you to renew all your domains at once.

Multi-account access

You can store multiple accounts and switch from one to another as you require.

Multiple operations

Save time by applying the same operation to many of your services: for example, change the DNS servers of your domains all at once!

Simplified interface

Get the iPhone and iPad applications and manage your accounts with ease.

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