Datacentre expert has been designing and building its own datacentres since 2003. More than 140,000 servers are hosted within 11 data centres in 4 locations (1 in Canada, 3 in Europe).

Simplified procedures

These days, a datacenter is much more than simply a white room with cable trays and air conditioning. An efficient datacenter is a sophisticated structure that meets specific requirements; it must facilitate server installation and maintenance, while optimizing energy efficiency.

No Suspended Ceilings

At the OVH datacenters, you won't find any of the suspended ceilings usually used to transport cables and air conditioning. The cable trays are located above the servers and can be accessed directly. What's more, the cube-shaped design of the datacenter allows fresh air to reach the front of the servers directly, without any loss of cooling system flow.

No Closed Racks

The casings of our servers have been specially designed to optimize all installation and maintenance operations. All cabling and connection points are located on one side and all servers slide open, providing easy access to the components.

What's more, they are placed in chassis that can house up to 36 servers, and new servers can simply be inserted into them which greatly reduces installation time. thus has the capacity to manufacture and install over 300 physical servers a day, coming from our in-house assembly lines in France and Canada. It's the secret to delivering servers within minutes!

Security, first and foremost

Our datacenters are strictly for our own use. The servers can only be only physically accessed by authorized employees. Our datacenters are protected 24/7 by a security badge control system, video surveillance and on-site security personnel. The rooms are also equipped with state of the art fire detection and extinction systems.

Our technical teams are constantly on site in our datacenters and ready to intervene the minute a fault is detected on a server.

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