Object Storage

Unlimited Cloud storage and immediate HTTP access, powered by OpenStack Swift

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The OVH cloud storage that combines performance and scalability

With the OVH Object Storage cloud solution, you only pay for what you use with no limitation when it comes to size and duration. Thanks to the OpenStack Swift technology, you can store your high performance data in the OVH cloud environment and instantly access it at any time. This solution is perfect for web projects and can be used to make your objects available through HTTP.

Object Storage

Triple replication

Free incoming traffic

Outgoing traffic: from $0.011/GB


For Sydney and Singapore datacenters, outgoing traffic is billed $0.08/GB.

The benefits of this solution

Powered by OpenStack

From a few kilobytes to several petabytes

Durability of your data: 100%

Triple data replication

Storage made easy

Storage architecture is often complicated by the coexistence of several different file systems, proprietary technologies or generations of hardware. Object Storage offers a simpler approach. You can upload or delete any kind of data to or from one or more containers, all via the API or OVH Control Panel. You or your customers simply access your objects via a public or secure URL. It doesn't matter how many objects you have or the volume of data.

Included with your storage

Your data

Unlimited number of containers

All file types

Up to several petabytes of storage

3 types of containers (Public, Private & Web Static)

Security & network


Monthly availability rate of 99.9%

File durability: 100%

Anti-DDoS included

Management and support

OVH & OpenStack API

OVH Manager v6

Advanced rights management

Phone support: 1-855-684-5463

Resources and guides

Use case

Public content

Multimedia, binaries, e-commerce. Store an infinite amount of data.

Private content

Billing data, legal information, logs. Archive made easy and based on your usage.

Static content

Quick and efficient access to static resources for your websites. Link your domains and drop your files.

reversibility and automation deployment guaranteed

OVH, a member of the OpenStack Foundation, gives you access not only to its own API and Control Panel, but also Swift - the standard OpenStack API - and Horizon - the OpenStack management interface.

This means that you can migrate to and from a third-party provider's platform at any time, making it easier to manage your files.