Cloud Archive

Long-term archiving at the best price, using standard protocols

Public Cloud expands worldwide with two new datacenters in Singapore and in Australia . Deploy your applications as close as possible to your users!

Unlimited cloud archiving

Public Cloud Archive is the perfect solution for cold storage of your data across all geographical areas where the OVH Public Cloud is available. Uploading your data can be done using numerous standard security protocols (sftp, scp, rsync, https...). Retrieving your archive can take from a few minutes to a few hours.

Cloud Archive

Incoming traffic: $0.011/GB

Outgoing traffic: from $0.011/GB


For Sydney and Singapore datacenters, outgoing traffic is billed $0.08/GB.

The benefits of this solution

Powered by OpenStack

From a few kilobytes to several petabytes

Durability of your data: 100%

Standard procotols

Archiving made easy

With Public Cloud Archive, you can save all types of data without any volume limitations: backup, logs, photos, videos... You get billed based on your space usage and traffic. This is the perfect solution to store significant amounts of data at a low cost. Your can create unlimited containers through the API or the OVH customer control panel, in the geographical area of your choice: GRA, BHS, SBG. Public Cloud Archive combines IT standards (Rsync, SCP, SFTP) with Openstack's Swift API, making it easier to use.

Upload and download of your file

Data durability

Guaranteed security is inherent to OVH datacenters.
Each file is stored several times inside a redundant infrastructure. What's more, an automated system is constantly ensuring the integrity of your data. Each file is divided into several fragments and each fragment is written within a different storage unit. If a missing fragment is detected, it's automatically rebuilt through a specific algorithm that uses the other fragments.

In addition to APIs, Public Cloud Archive provides secure protocols: SFTP, Rsync, SCP, HTTPS, thereby ensureing that your data is transferred securely.

Included with your storage

Your data

Unlimited number of containers

All file types

Up to several petabytes of storage

Your files are stored on several physical disks to ensure redundancy and high availability.

Monthly availability rate: 99,9%

Security & network

Anti-DDoS included

File durability: 100%

Management and support

OVH & OpenStack API

OVH Manager v6

Advanced rights management

Phone support: 1-855-684-5463

Connectors and protocols

OpenStack Swift





Fuse mounting point on Linux with SVFS


  • SFTP
  • SCP
  • Rsync


me@host:~$ sftp's password:

Connected to

sftp> mkdir container

sftp> put archive.tar.gz container

Uploading archive.tar.gz to /container/archive.tar.gz


me@host:~$ sftp's password:

Connected to

sftp> get container/archive.tar.gz

Fetching /container/archive.tar.gz to archive.tar.gz


me@host:~$ scp archive.tar.gz


me@host:~$ scp .


me@host:~$ rsync -av --progress archive.tar.gz


me@host:~$ rsync -av --progress .

Resources and guides

Use case

Continuous backup

You can continuously synchronize your data with our archiving solution using programs like Rsync and thereby ensuring high durability for your data. In the event of failure, your RPO (Recovery Point Objective - which determines how much data you could lose) is minimized thanks to a continuous backup.

Regular backup

You can schedule regular backups of your critical data. To get a backup history, you can setup dated backups that you'll be able to keep for as long as you want to, or only for a set amount of days.

Desktop backup

You can setup an automated backup tool on your work station(i.e.: Crashplan) and connect it to your OVH archiving account. Thanks to the SCP and SFTP protocols, our archiving solution is compatible with industry standards.

reversibility and automation deployment guaranteed

OVH, a member of the OpenStack Foundation, gives you access not only to its own API and Control Panel, but also Swift - the standard OpenStack API - and Horizon - the OpenStack management interface.

This means that you can migrate to and from a third-party provider's platform at any time, making it easier to manage your files.