Protection against DDoS attacks

With its exclusive anti-DDoS solution, OVH ensures that your hosting system is always available, even during an attack!

What is DDoS?

A DDoS attack is an attempt to make your website unavailable by overloading the server's bandwidth or by taking up its resources until it can no longer function. Cases detected are generally level 7 - the most severe type of attack - involving a high volume of PHP requests intended to flood the system.

Today, there is a higher risk of attack and alerts have multiplied because IT and the tools used to cause an attack are accessible to everyone. In addition to an increase in the number of attempted attacks, there has been an increase in gross load, meaning the ability of attacks to damage even the heaviest infrastructures.

Security, the OVH way

Guaranteeing the security and durability of our customers' online applications has always been a priority for OVH. Over the years, an experiment was forged to anticipate, manage and counteract these problems. This allowed us to develop intelligent and robust tools capable of handling massive attacks, which have been put in place on the ranges of dedicated servers and cloud products.

These tools have been adapted and carried over to other products, such as our Web Hosting services, which previously did not have such well-honed protection. We often had to suspend websites that were flooded with requests, in order to prevent the situation from damaging the entire service and affecting other clients.

To counter these attacks, OVH has now integrated a mitigation solution based on VAC technology. It's an exclusive combination of techniques which analyze your traffic in real time and at high speed. They detect and intercept attacks automatically, while letting legitimate requests pass through. In addition, the load balancing is even better with the introduction of PHP-FPM, enabling improved server responsiveness. As a result, there is no longer any risk of the service being saturated.

To learn more, read the complete overview of our anti-DDoS protection.