Services included with your Private Cloud

OVH didn't stop at providing you with a turnkey hypervisor but we've also brought our own added value by integrating our plugins into the hypervisor or by offering you additional functionalities available via the Manager.

Enjoy our new services!

Backup hosts automization
If despite all precautions taken, an interruption occurs on one of my hosts, how will my VMs still be able to function? The infrastructure is constantly monitored. If a faulty host is detected, your VMs will be relaunched on the other hosts of your infrastructure using the high availability features of the hypervisors. In under 15 minutes, a backup host retaining the configuration of the previous host is then added to the virtual data center. The load balancing solutions ensure stable distribution of the VMs across your hosts.
Test the configuration by simulating a host failure
Test your configuration by simulating a host failure. How can you ensure the resilience of one of your hosts?
Within the hypervisor, simply right-click on the host to see the resilience feature which can crash any host and thus verify that the system is working correctly.
Test out the resources for a few hours
How can I be sure that the L size hosts are enough to supplement the starter pack and meet the demands of highly critical applications? To test out new hosts, customers can simply start by renting them by the hour. They can rent these hosts for a longer duration and switch to a monthly price at any time, via the OVH Web Control Panel.
Add resources in 30 minutes
A sudden peak load can bring down any website, no matter how well managed it may be. How can I be sure I will manage such demand in the shortest time frame? Five minutes. That's all the time it takes for OVH to allocate new resources requested by a customer, whether its RAM, CPU, storage space for increased IOPS, or any other component of the solution.
Secure access to your Private Cloud
Customers can activate the VPN service to log in to their Private Cloud. Simply go to the OVH Network tab in the virtual datacentre and then click on "Activate VPN". A VPN client can then be installed on a workstation or mobile device on Android or iOS, in order to secure the access to the Private Cloud.
Adding Arin IP address blocks located in the US or Canada.
How do I update the reverse IP address? IP address reverses can be updated in the OVH plug-in under the OVH Network tab, provided that they have already been linked to a domain name.

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