A 100% Dedicated Cloud

Physical servers, disks, virtual machines and software solutions: all the components of a Dedicated Cloud infrastructure are dedicated exclusively to you.

A private network

All Private Cloud resources are dedicated and the network is totally private. Each Dedicated Cloud has a least 2 VLANs: a non-configurable admin VLAN set up for the internal network and to ensure that the infrastructure runs correctly, and a VLAN connected to the internet. The Private Cloud series provides 2000 VxLANs. With the SDDC series, you can activate up to 4000 vLANs between your virtual machines and other vRack compatible OVH services. Depending on your project, you can be confident that your virtual machines are isolated.

Everything is redundant

In order to ensure a service level close to 100%, and alleviate the consequences of a service interruption, all elements of the Private Cloud infrastructure are duplicated. The servers work in pairs. They are connected via two network connections to two different switches, each one with two different power supplies and two different transformers. Just like servers, storage spaces and routers are also duplicated and they are connected by two different power supplies.

Guaranteed bandwidth

OVH guarantees 40 Gbps bandwidth capacity. In order to achieve this, we have set up a large network infrastructure, which allows us to keep latency in your Private Cloud to a minimum! And latency is very reliable when you communicate externally.

Unique vLAN

Your Private Cloud storage spaces and servers are strictly reserved for your usage. Any communication between them takes place within a private VLAN, so it cannot be seen from outside and your data is always totally secure!


Managing your infrastructure is done using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) via one entry point in your control panel. This network is completely secured via the SSL protocol. Access to your vCenter is simple and secure - it can meet the different requirements throughout the lifecycle of a project. It's up to you to choose your security policy - open (development),restricted (production) or dynamic (formula).

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