NAS-HA server

De 1.2To à 13.2To d'espace supplémentaire pour vos produits OVH

With the OVH NAS-HA storage space, you get centralized storage or backup space for your data. Access is done through two servers, thereby ensuring high availability.

99.99% availability guaranteed

Stockage de 1,2To à 13,2To

Customizable scheduled backups

Disk space:
SAS 10Krpm RAID 10 disks
(RAID 1 for 1.2 TB of storage)
Snapshots :
1/hour + customizable
Roubaix, Strasbourg, Gravelines

Product details


Each disk is dedicated to a NAS-HA. Mounting it in RAID10 allows both maximum security by replicating data on a mirror disk, and ensuring a great read/write performance.

Disks SAS 10krpm
(RAID 1 for 1.2 TB of storage)
Cache 2 SSD 256GB disks allow read/write caching


To isolate your projects, you can choose to divide your space into various partitions and assign them usage quotas.

Total space de 1,2 à 13,2To*
Partitions Up to 200
Size of a partition from 10 GB to 26.4 TB

*Disk's physical volume prior to configuration

Backup and snapshots

Snapshots are an image of the data located on your partition. A snapshot always overwrites the previous one. You can access them and retrieve your data as it was when the snapshot was taken (e.g.: an hour, 24 hours, 48 hours ago). What's more, an automated backup of your data is always done by OVH. That backup takes up storage space.

Snapshots automatiques Configurable by user
Manual snapshots Activated on demand through the control panel Backup Once a day, not configurable

Connection and access

The partitions of your NAS-HA are only accessible through NFS and/or CIFS. Access to your NAS can only be done from an OVH service

Authorized accesses Unlimited number of accesses
Protocols NFS/CIFS

Product operation

Product operation



Redundant infrastructure to ensure optimal access time for your data (99.99% guaranteed uptime).


5 configurations sont proposées, de 1,2To à 13,2To, quelle que soit le Datacentre où vous souhaitez héberger votre espace de stockage.


Scheduled snapshots are done in order to prevent errors and allow quick backtracking.

Go Deeper

Once delivered, you will then be able to configure your NAS-HA directly from your OVH manager by following these guides:

How to create a partition
How to manage access to NAS-HA
Mounting your NAS-HA in NFS