Managed Kubernetes® to orchestrate your containers

Kubernetes® is the industry-standard container orchestrator, used by companies of all sizes. It facilitates the deployment, resiliency and scalability of your applications, even in hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructures.

The Managed Kubernetes® solution is powered by OVH's Public Cloud instances. With OVH Load Balancers and integrated additional disks, you can host all types of workload, with total reversibility.

The solution’s internal components are deployed, hosted, monitored and maintained in optimal working conditions by our teams, and updated for free. This way, you can focus on your business' containers and services, while enjoying all the advantages of the Kubernetes® ecosystem.

Managed Kubernetes service is already available in 2 regions GRA (Europe) or BHS (Canada) and we are working on extending to the Sydney & Singapore region in the coming months. Be the first one to be informed.

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Can't wait to start already?

You can try using it on our North American OR European Datacenters with public cloud free trial!


Fully managed by OVH

OVH deploys, hosts and maintains all of the components needed for Kubernetes® to work, including updates linked to bugs and security patches. We also maintain the necessary components on your nodes. Once you have downloaded your kubeconfig file, you can use all the features of a certified Kubernetes® service straight away, while maintaining your focus on your business. Our teams manage the software elements and underlying hardware, which also benefits from OVH’s anti-DDoS protection.


Scalability and high availability

Exposing a service on multiple worker nodes is easily done, in just a few command lines. Kubernetes® launches containers and configures the Load Balancer for you, and you can instantly add new computing nodes. You can also define the health conditions for each service, after which Kubernetes® will relaunch any pods and containers that do not meet these criteria. Your nodes can be monitored, and your services benefit from the high availability of OVH Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions.