PaaS TimeSeries

OVH unveils its Platform as Service tailored for the IoT market: the PaaS TimeSeries. A simple and robust service for storing data from your devices, build your own professional solutions and connect your internal applications.

$2/month including

1 million messages
100,000 queries

Take advantage of 30 days free to test our TimeSeries platform.


PaaS TimeSeries is dedicated to services and applications developers as well as manufacturers of sensors to:

  • Collect all time data and events from your connected devices.
  • Store and aggregate data (base of timestamps) regardless of architecture and its maintenance.
  • Simply correlate data from different sources: your professional applications, your CRM, “Open Data”, etc.
  • Secure your data.
  • Develop your software solutions for your market segment or use Grafana (open source) for rapid implementation of your dashboards.
  • Facilitate the processing of data in real time (alerts) or in bulk (consolidation, correlation).
  • Rely on open protocols.

Test our complete solution with the StarterKit

  • 1 sensor
  • Access to SigFox network
  • Acces to PaaS TimeSeries

Soon available, photo non contractual

Collect and store sensor geo-time series

Real-time monitoring



Manage sensors

Our commitment to your success

Clear and transparent pay per usage to control your investments.

Data ownership and respect for personal information.

Data and personal information protection are at the core of the OVH Group’s concerns. We guarantee you ownership of your data and offer the possibility to select the datacenter where data will be hosted among our 17 datacenters in operation today.

For specific projects concerning critical activity, we can also assist you in moving towards a Dedicated Cloud.


Data from each of your projects is fully isolated and only accessible via API keys. Each key defines read/write permissions and access to a subset of data, guaranteeing a high privilege separation.


A Big Data architecture that is infinitely scalable and administered by our teams.

Standard as a Service

You are not blocked by proprietary protocols and technologies.

Accelerate your Time to Market and concentrate on the heart of your activity!

OVH is committed to closely assisting you in your business to facilitate development without any issues with infrastructure, architecture and maintenance.

Included in the OVH PaaS TimeSeries offer.

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