Creation of a personalised vApp



Once you are connected to your vCloud, you can "Create a new vApp" in the main menu. You will be asked to provide a name, description and then you can personalise it by choosing a validity period:
You will then be able to use, for example one of your catalogues created with your OS images and also create a new virtual machine:
After having selected your catalogue and created your virtual machines, you will be asked to configure the virtual machine.

You can follow this guide if needed:
Once the VM is configured you will reach the last step of the vApp configuration. You will be able to isolate vApp from the other ones (for the creation of different private networks for instance) or leave it as it is (not isolated).
In our example we check this case to isolate the vApp from the others and assign it a fully private network.

The network

Once these steps have been completed you can create different networks (private and / or public) inside your vApp, which will be isolated from other vApps that you have created but also from the networks that you can create in the vApp as shown in this example:
We can see that the VM "SQL" has a card on the "internal" private network and a card on the public network.
The "Web" VM has a card on the "test" private network and a card on the public one.

The two "internal" networks are different and can not communicate together even if they have the same IP class.