The OverTheBox box only has one Ethernet port.
However this box is able to combine all of your different connections into one. How does that work?

Final configuration

The following photo shows how everything is connected once it is set up. To achieve this you must follow the setup process beforehand which is available in the following guide: My first 10 minutes with OverTheBox

How it works

The idea is simple, all the elements in the network are physically linked to each other through the Ethernet ports of one of the modems (which will become the Main Modem). This includes:
  • The second modem (green cable)
  • OverTheBox (yellow cable)
  • Your computers/telephones etc. (free port on the main modem)

It is therefore this Main Modem which physically connects all the elements.

When your computer, plugged into the Main Modem queries the Internet; the query goes through OverTheBox to begin with which then intelligently routes the packets to the two internet connections using the Main Modem's Ethernet ports. As shown in the following image: