This guide shows you how to create a DNS zone for a domain which is not registered at OVH.




To create a DNS zone for a domain which is not registered at OVH, make sure that it meets the following criteria:

  • You must not have any existing purchase orders or operations for this domain at OVH
  • The domain must exist
  • The domain's SOA must be included in its DNS zone



Step 1: Domain verification

  • In the domain section of your control panel, click on "Add DNS zone".
In the "Domain name" section, specify the domain for which you want to create the zone.
Please note:
  • If the domain specified does not meet the prerequisites, you will not be able to create a DNS zone
If you have a domain which does not have a DNS server that you can enter, OVH will let your use temporary DNS servers in order to add the * DNS zone:

  • (*) There may be a 48 hour delay before DNS servers are propagated.

Step 2: Choose zone type

You then have to choose the DNS zone type:
  • Minimal: DNS zone with the minimum records that it needs to work (A, MX, CNAME, ...)
  • Normal: DNS zone with additional records (CNAME towards POP/IMAP/SMTP server, ...)

Step 3: Confirmation

  • Tick the box "I have read and understood the terms and conditions".
  • Then click "Generate purchase order".
  • Then click "Settle".
  • Once you are on the purchase order, click "Continue".
It is completely free to create a DNS zone.
  • Enter the security code and confirm.

Step 4: Confirm the order

You can then see if your purchase order has been validated.
After validating your purchase order, there will be a necessary delay of 30 minutes prior to installation.