Thank you for choosing OverTheBox to optimise your internet connections.

This is a step-by-step guide explaining how to set up and configure your OverTheBox on two or more connections.

It is important to follow the steps in the right order to avoid any errors.


  • Two Internet connections
  • One OverTheBox provided by OVH or an installation from the Open Source project (Install the OverTheBox image on your hardware Error, link to guide #2257 not found. )

1. Preparing your modems

To ensure that the setup procedure goes to plan, the DHCP server for each of your modems must be enabled.
Rest assured, this feature is already enabled on the main operators' boxes.

2. Connecting to the main modem

Plug your OverTheBox into an electrical outlet and into the main modem via the RJ45 cable (the yellow cable in the image below)
Your OverTheBox is now connected to the Internet and will update automatically. Please wait 5 Minutes before continuing to the next step.

3. Registering for the service

The following tasks must be carried out from a computer which is directly connected to the main modem so that it recognises OverTheBox.
  • Log into your customer account.
  • Click on the OverTheBox service which you want to link to your box.
  • Beforehand copy and paste your new Device ID into the OverTheBox interface
  • Click on modify the Device ID and enter the "Device ID"
  • Confirm
You have now registered, please wait a few moments before going to the next stage.

4. Enabling and configuring OverTheBox on the main connection

  • Go back to from the computer which is connected to the main modem.
  • Click "Activate" or "Enable"
Your OverTheBox is now ready to be configured:
  • Connect to the main modem on a different page using the IP specified (in our example it is and disable this modem's DCHP:
How do I disable my DHCP server?: Error, link to guide #2238 not found.
This should take 30 seconds, the DHCP is now run by OverTheBox
Next reconnect your computer to OverTheBox by doing the following:
  • Ethernet RJ45: unplug and replug the RJ45 cable
  • Wi-Fi: turn Wi-Fi off and on
The internet connection is now working and it is going through OverTheBox, you can make sure of this by checking your public IP on the website:
If you get another type of IP, it means that the first modem has not been configured correctly. If this is the case, go back through all the points step by step before adding another connection.

5. Adding another connection

  • Make sure that the extra modem has a different subnet from the other modems.
For example: the first modem has IP and the second one has
  • Plug in your second modem to the main modem
Go back to on the computer that is still plugged into the main modem
Your OverTheBox will detect the second modem:
  • Connect to the second modem on another page using the IP specified (in our example it is and disable this modem's DHCP:
How do I disable my DHCP server?: Error, link to guide #2238 not found.
Then go back to and click on "recheck".
This should take 30 seconds.
This configuration is complete. Your OverTheBox now uses two concurrent connections as specified on
Repeat the steps in this last paragraph for each additional connection. OverTheBox is able to combine four connections.

Connecting OverTheBox with a switch

This section is optional, it shows you how to use your OverTheBox on a network switch
To do this, you don't change the configuration (apart from the switch configuration), you just have to modify the connections: