As you have been made aware via our various communications, the Public Cloud Archive Beta (PCA) expires this month .
Given that you have been unable to upload data since early December, we took the opportunity to begin migrating PCA data to Public Cloud Object Storage.

When this migration is complete, you will have two choices:

  • Keep your data in Object Storage and continue to use this product
  • Download your data by following this guide

Retrieving details


With the OVH manager

Log in to the OVH Manager by following the link which will be sent via email. Then click "retrieve my data".


Use the /cloud/{serviceName}/pca/{pcaServiceName}/download API call from your application.

Retrieving your data


With the OpenStack Swift client

Install pip, the Python package management system and then install the Swift Openstack client:

pip install python-swiftclient

You can now interact with your data (for example you can list it as follows):

swift --os-storage-url ${storageEndpoint} --os-auth-url ${authEndpoint} --os-username ${login} --os-password ${password} --os-region-name ${region} --os-tenant-id ${tenantId} list ${container}

Or even retrieve a file/folder (leave empty to retrieve the whole object):

swift --os-storage-url ${storageEndpoint} --os-auth-url ${authEndpoint} --os-username ${login} --os-password ${password} --os-region-name ${region} --os-tenant-id ${tenantId} download ${container} [path]

For more information you can also view:
the official documentation.

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