This guide contains different MX configurations for when you are not using an OVH DNS zone.
For more information on MX servers, see this guide: Error, link to guide #2003 not found. .

Your domain name uses an external (non OVH) DNS zone


You have an OVH email service

If you have OVH email service, you have to use the MX servers below in your DNS zone:
  • Mail servers [Anti-Virus + Anti-Spam]:

Record Priority Target
MX 1
MX 5
MX 10
At the moment, the old MX servers are still working for email services created before 23/05/2016, however you should use the MX servers above to be up to date.

You do not have an OVH email service

If your domain name does not use the OVH DNS zone, and you do not have an email service, you cannot use the OVH email accounts or aliases. You can order an MX PLAN.

You have an email service outside of OVH

If your domain name is not registered with OVH, you do not use our DNS servers, and you want an external email service, you have to contact your DNS providers or email hosting services so they can assist you with your configuration.

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Also keep in mind, any DNS change can take up to 24 hours to propagate.