500 errors are caused by incorrect website configuration. There are several reasons for this.

What causes 500 Internal Server Errors?



If the .htaccess syntax is incorrect, the web server will return a 500 Internal Server Error. To confirm whether .htaccess is the cause, rename the .htaccess file .htaccess_bak for example.

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You must follow a few security rules concerning the permissions you give to your scripts.
  • your website's root folder must be set to 705 (the default permissions set up by OVH). This is your FTP server / (slash) or . (point) directory, do not change it.
  • other directories must be set to no higher than 755,
  • php/cgi scripts must be set to no higher than 755.

Script error

If you program in perl for example, an error in your script is summed up by a 500 error. Due to security you will not be given more details. To debug your scripts, you can use the telnet/ssh connection (available with Professional hosting and upwards).

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