This guide explains how to install PuTTy on Windows. For help with SSH on web hosting packages, it is best to see this guide on SSH.
Please note that SSH is only available on Professional web hosting plans and upwards.

Our different web hosting guides can be found here.

Using PuTTy



There are many programs available on Windows which are based on SSH.
One of the most popular and easy to use is "PuTTy".
Download it from the official website.

You will also need your FTP credentials
  • FTP server.
  • FTP login.
  • FTP password.

You can find this information in your control panel. Go to the FTP section or follow
this guide.

Run PuTTy

  • After you have installed PuTTy, launch it.
  • In the Host Name (or IP address) field enter your FTP server.
  • In the Port field enter 22, if it has not already been returned.
  • Check SSH.
  • Click Open.

Log on

A command prompt will appear
  • In the command prompt, enter your FTP login, then press "Enter".
  • Enter your FTP password and press "Enter".
NOTE: For security reasons, you will not be able to see your password as you type it.
If the password or login are incorrect, start again.
  • If all is well, you will see the message "Welcome to Ovh"

Using SSH.

To use SSH you should now refer to this guide.