To easily manage your Object Storage, you may need to define the lifespan of some of your files. This allows you, for example, to keep some backups only for a specific period.

This guide shows you how to set up automatic file deletion after a specified period or on a specific date.


Configuring object deletion

There are two ways to delete your objects/files
  • After a certain number of seconds
  • On a specific date

After a certain number of seconds

To do this, configure your request's X-Delete-After header

root@server:~$ swift post --header "X-Delete-After: 3600" container test.txt

The test.txt file will be deleted in an hour.

On a specific date

First, you need to know what the deletion date is in epoch format.
To help you find the value you need to insert, use a converter.

Then you can enter this date in the X-Delete-At header:

root@server:~$ swift post --header "X-Delete-At: 1448928000000" container test.txt

The file will therefore be deleted on the 1st of December 2015.