Creating a DNS zone at OVH means you can manage dns records for a domain that you have with another hosting provider. However your domain must use OVH dns servers. This means that you can manage your services (web hosting, email etc.) without having to transfer your domain.

Creating a dns zone from the new customer control panel

You can create a dns zone at OVH if:

  • Your domain name is registered with another hosting provider
  • There is no existing zone for this name at OVH
Log on to your customer control panel with your NIC handle and password.
Select Add a DNS zone in the Domains section
Enter the domain now that you have reserved with a web hosting company
Some checks will be carried out to make sure the zone can be created. This will only take a few seconds.

If the request is accepted, you can confirm the OVH terms and conditions and generate the purchase order. The service is free but you still need to create a purchase order.
Then click to settle the amount and display the purchase order. Enter the validation code.