Exchange 2016 users can share their calendars directly viaOWA.

Owner permissions can only be added to the calendar via an Outlook email account. (Versions 2007 and beyond are compatible in Exchange. Version 2003 is only compatible in POP/IMAP.)

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For the user sharing the calendar (first user)


Step 1: Authorise calendar sharing

This calendar is to be shared from the account to
Go to the blue menu in the top left-hand corner and select "Calendar" .
Once you are in this interface, on the left-hand side, right click on the main calendar. In our example, this is the calendar next to the blue rectangle.

Then click on "share calendar".

Step 2: Authorise calendar sharing

In the "Share with:" field enter the email address of the user you want to share your calendar with. This user must have an exchange account on the same domain.

Once the user has been added, you can select the permissions you wish to give them.

To confirm your request to share calendars, just click on "Send".

For the user receiving the shared calendar


Retrieve the shared calendar via the confirmation email

Log in toOWA, You will see an email in your inbox from the user that has shared their calendar with you.

  • You can confirm sharing the calendar from this email.
  • You can share your calendar with the person who sent the invitation.

Retrieve the shared calendar via OWA

From the "Calender" the shared calendar will now be availble from your OWA interface.

It is indeed the account which is available from account.