This a guide explains how to set up email forwarding in OWA.

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Email forwarding: OWA


Step 1: Setup

Log in to OWA.with your full email address and password.

Once logged in, click the gear icon, in the top right-hand corner, then click on "Options".

Step 2: Setup

Click on the "organise email" tab, then the "+" icon.

Step 3: Setup

A new interface will appear

Fill in the required fields:

Name: the display name.

When the message arrives: select how you want the message to be filtered.

Do the following: select which operation you want to perform, i.e. "forward".
A new window will open where you can select or enter the email address which you want to redirect your emails to.

You will then have two options:

  • Enter an email address manually

  • Search for a contact in your list

Click "Ok" to confirm.

Step 4: Setup

You can add exceptions, for example, to not redirect an email received from a certain email address.

Confirm your rule by clicking "OK".

Step 5: Setup

Your rule will now be correctly configured.

A summary of selected options will be displayed on the right.

You can delete the configuration in here in the future, if you wish.

SPAM filter


Set up a spam filter

This is an example of a configuration to filter spam and send it to the "Junk" folder.

OVH has a policy to never delete your spam to prevent false positives (non-spam emails) being deleted.

This is an example of a configuration that you can set up:

Name: the display name for the configuration.

When you see this message: "It includes these words in the subject ...", enter the word "spam".

Do the following : "Move the message to folder ...", select the "Junk" folder.