This page explains how to configure user access to the Horizon interface: the canonical implementation of OpenStack's dashboard. Many features are only accessible through this interface.

In the OVH customer account

  • Click on OpenStack in the left-hand menu
  • Click Add user
  • Enter a "User description"
This description will be used so the user can be easily identified in the list created, but it is not a login name.
  • Click "Create this user"
  • Once the user has been created, keep the automatically generated password safe because you will not be able to recover this password later.
The list of users will then be displayed
User list
User list
The ID, descriptions and a series of three buttons for each user will appear here. These enable you to:
  • Reset the password
This will not recover an old password, a new password will be generated instead.
  • Delete user

Horizon access

  • Click on the spanner icon
  • Select Launch OpenStack Horizon