Have you deleted a file by accident? Is your website no longer working after you updated some scripts?

OVH allows you to restore 6 different backups of your data.

You can access your backups in two ways: via the control panel[/url] or using an FTP client.

See our various web hosting guides.

Restore backups via FileZilla


Step 1 - Host name

Log in to your FTP client (we use FileZilla in our example).

Type your host name (domain) into the corresponding field. This is usually either ftp.your_domain_name.com or ftp.yourservice.ovh.net.

With your mysite.com domain name,
your host name will be: ftp.mysite.com or ftp.cluster0XX.ovh.net (replace the xx with your cluster number)

  • You will need to use your FTP password.
  • The port to fill in is port 21.

Step 2 - FTP login

Type your FTP login. This will vary depending on the backup you wish to restore:

  • my_ftp_login-snap0:
  • (backup saved the same day at 3am)
  • my_ftp_login-snap1:
  • (backup saved the previous day at 3am)
  • my_ftp_login-snap2:
  • (backup saved the day before the previous day at 3am)
  • my_ftp_login-snap3:
  • (backup saved the previous week, on Sunday at 4am)
  • my_ftp_login-snap4:
  • (backup saved two weeks previously, on Sunday at 4am)
  • my_ftp_login-snap5:
  • (backup saved three weeks previously, on Sunday at 4am)


With your FTP login: toto
To retrieve a backup for the day before yesterday, your FTP login would be toto-snap2

Step 3 - FTP password

Type your FTP password.

This is the same password you use to log in to your FTP client. It can be changed in the Control Panel under the Hostings.

Then confirm your login details to establish the connection.

Step 4 - Restore a backup of your files

Restore any file or folder. The files you will see are related to the backup you chose to restore.

You can restore your data to your computer with a simple drag and drop from "Remote site" to "Local site".

Refer to our FileZilla guide for additional information: Web hosting: FileZilla user guide

Step 5 - Log in to the current web server

Now, using your FTP client login details, log in to your current web server, then navigate to the backup section.

Step 6 - Restore backups

Lastly, transfer the restored data from your computer to the remote site.

In the same way, you can copy your files in a few seconds with a simple drag and drop from left to right.