For this type of configuration, you need to create a service template.

    Creating a service template

    There are two ways to do this:
    • Under the "VMs and Services" tab, click on "Create Service" in the top left.
    • Under the "Library" tab, then "Templates" and "Service", click on "Create Service Template" in the top left.

    In this guide, we're doing it the first way:
    Then select the "Blank" template.
    Add a tier by clicking on the following button:
    If you want to customise different settings for your hardware or operating system for example, select the second option.

    At this stage, remember to tick the necessary boxes for deploying a VM in HA mode in a Hyper-V Cloud.
    Remember to increase the number of tiers to meet your needs:
    Once the configuration is complete, you should see something like this:
    We're now going to configure the shared VHDX. To do this, edit each of your tiers.
    Add an SCSI disk to each one. The disk you choose must be in the library.
    It's best (if you don't have data to import) to use a blank VHDX.
    Be careful not to select a disk located in the read-only library: ROLIBVMM
    For importing your VHDX, please see this guide: How to upload ISOs/VHDx via FTPS to Hyper-V as a Service
    Once this configuration is done, you can tick "Share the disk across the service tier" on both tiers.
    Configuration is now complete. You just need to deploy the service. Right-click on the service you wish to deploy and select "Configure Deployment":
    Select the destination.
    To finish up, click "Deploy Service".