In this guide, you will find help with the "Site not installed" page which can appear in place of your website.

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Site not installed



This page displays when there is a domain pointing error or the domain name has not been fully declared on the server.

This warning message can appear for several reasons:

  • Your web forwarding is not correctly set up;

  • Your domain or sub-domain is not linked to the host server;

  • Your domain is not pointing to the correct place.
Useful information:

  • When you change an IP address, there will be a propagation time of 4 to 24 hours. This page may display during this time.

Error setting up web forwarding

This page may display because you only partially set up your web forwarding.

Example: I point my domain name or sub-domain to the redirect server's IP (, but I haven't set up web forwarding in the Control Panel.

In this case, check that you've properly set up web forwarding for the principal domain and the "www" sub-domain and that your domain is pointing to the correct IP ( is the IP of the redirect server).

Error linking your domain or sub-domain to the host server

This page may display because one of your domains or sub-domains has not been correctly installed.

Example: I've pointed my domain or sub-domain to the web server's IP (cluster), but I can't link it in the Control Panel.
In this case, check that your domain or sub-domain is correctly added in the Control Panel by clicking the "Attach a domain" button.
Remember to check that the domain or sub-domain is pointing to the correct IP (you can find the host server's IP in the Control Panel).

Error pointing the domain name

This page may also display because your domain name doesn't point to the correct IP address, or it points to the IP address of a host server on which your domain name is not installed.

Example: your domain name's host server is in cluster12, but your domain is pointed to cluster14.

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