OVH offers NVGRE LANs that are isolated from each other. This guide will explain how to connect a VM to an NVGRE LAN.

How NVGRE LANs work?


Available NVGRE LANs

Here are NVGRE LANs that are offered by OVH:
A NVGRE Lan is composed of one or several subnets and each has an associated IP subnets Pool.
By default only a couple Subnet / IP-Pool is set to Lan1, Lan2 and lan3. We have chosen to configure these Lans example, if you want you can edit, create new couples Subnet / IP Pool.
Each LAN is isolated. The subnets in the same LAN are routed them. To do this for the ip default gateway is defined by SCVMM and can not be changed. This is the first of Ip subnet ie (for a subnet to
Be careful not to overwrite this ip where NVGRE may no longer function properly.

Add a VM to a Lan NVGRE


Configure VM

Add a network adapter to your virtual machine (must be PowerOFF)
Then select the LAN / Subnet desired torque:
Your VM should recover IPs parameters corresponding to your partner Lan / subnet, and default gateway should respond to ping.