This guide will demonstrate how to create a virtual machine on Dedicated Cloud with Microsoft Hyper-V as a Service

Create a virtual machine

Once you're connected to the VMM, click "Create Virtual Machine":
You must firstly specify whether you will use an existing VM (VHDX) or a blank disk. In our example, we will do the latter:
You will then choose the name of the VM, its description and generation. You will then arrive at the machine's hardware settings:
Please tick the "Make this virtual machine highly available" box in the "Advanced" section, then "Availability" and the "Hyper-V" box in "Cloud Capability Profiles", as well as "Allow migration to a virtual machine host with a different processor version":
Cloud compatibility:
Permission to migrate in the event of a different CPU:
Once validated, you simply need to complete the task by clicking the "Create" button. This will create the VM.