This guide explains the different ways to upload ISO images on to Dedicated Cloud Hyper-V as a Service

Add an ISO/VHDx via FTPS


Using a Linux workstation

In our example, we will use the LFTP client in the repository:

apt-get install lftp

or with the distribution:

yum install lftp


lftp -u 'PCC\c61xx865_admin'
Please remember to insert the domain name in the format[com|ca] to ensure that the certificate is valid, otherwise the connection will not work.
Once logged in:

lftp PCC\> ls
04-18-14 02:07PM <DIR> Data
04-18-14 02:17PM <DIR> StoredVms
Go to the "Data" folder. Here your ISOs will appear on the VMM:
cd Data
Then insert "put" for the ISO you want to upload:

put LinuxICv35.iso

You will then see it appear in the folder:

03-05-14 05:37PM 23480320 LinuxICv35.iso
04-17-14 05:24PM <DIR> VHDs

Using a Windows workstation

The Windows FTP client supports FTPS, so there is no need for any additional tools.

You simply need to open a web browser and enter the FTP URL in the address bar:
You then need to use the username and password provided upon delivery to log in.
Then go to the "Data" folder:
You now just need to drag and drop your ISOs/VHDX into this folder to then use them on Dedicated Cloud Hyper-V as a Service.