We will see in this guide how to connect to Microsoft's Virtual Machine Manager.

Connect to VMM


Using Linux

To do this, you just need to use the RDP line in the delivery email that you received when you got your Dedicated Cloud:

rdesktop -u "PCC\c61b4xx5_admin" 198.27.72.xx -k fr -g 1280x1000 -p -

Consider replacing the user specified here with your Dedicated Cloud user and IP.

Using Windows

We must go to the URL provided in the email of your Cloud Dedicated to recover the RDP connection file in VMM:


Once this URL it will identify you with the details received in the mail:
Then click on the "Virtual Machine Manager" icon to download and run the RDP:

Select the connection type

During the VMM login process, you can choose between two user types: "CloudAdmin" or "Diagnosis":


This allows users to have VMM admin rights and therefore to create and manage VMs and configure the network options, etc.


This user is the equivalent of a read-only user. Therefore, they can view the entire infrastructure but can't change it. This is perfect for a monitoring system, for example.