This guide shows you how to renew your web hosting service.

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Renewing a hosting plan and domain name (OVH website)


Part 1: Go to the website

Firstly, go to the OVH website.

In the search bar, enter your domain name without the "www", as shown opposite.

Then click "Renew" to continue to the next step.

If your domain is in redemption or quarantine, you will not see these options. Click "Register", not "Renew".

You can log in by clicking on "Manager" in the top right-hand corner of the homepage.

Part 2: Verification of the service

Your services will then be verified.

The message shown opposite is displayed. If you don't see it, make sure you have entered your domain name correctly.

You have the choice between managing or renewing your services.

Select the first option: "You are the holder of the domain name and want to renew it".

Click "Continue" to continue the renewal.

Part 3: Choice of renewal terms

In this section, set the desired renewal term.

You can choose to renew only the domain, or hosting and domain name.

Click "OK" to continue.

Remember to check that there is no error in the choice of domain name.

Part 4: Generating order

Your order renewal appears.

The following information is visible on the screen:

Your item in the upper left inset.

The expiration date entered does not match the expiration date of the service, but the expiration date of this coupon order. Your item in the inset in the upper left.

In the right part, the contact information for billing, which will be published on the invoice.

Note that it is not possible to modify an invoice already published. If you want to change this information it should be done in advance by changing the personal contact information of your billing service.

If no information is displayed, you can log in with the customer nic handle to verify your billing information reference.

In the example below, there are two sections "Hosting" and "Domain Names", corresponding to two independent services.

The quantity shown in the Hosting section is 1, which corresponds to a renewal for a period of 12 months. A 2 would indicate renewal of 24 months.

Finally, there is the very bottom of the order different is the methods of payment available to you to pay for your services.

  • It is not possible to modify an invoice already which is already published.

  • Services are reactivated once payment is confirmed.

  • Deadline for payment processing:
  • Credit Card(Within 24 hours)
    PayPal (Within 24 hours)
    Transfer (Up to 3 working days)
    Cheque (Upon receipt of the cheque at our premises)
    Postal Order(Upon receipt of the postal order at our premises)

  • It is recommended to use a payment by Credit/Debit Card or Paypal if you want the order to be processed quickly.

Example of credit/debit card payment

This is the interface that you will see in a traditional credit card payment.

Your service will be renewed and receive your invoice by email to the address of the billing contact.

Renewal of several services (OVH website)


Part 1: Go to the website

Visit the following website OVH [url="][blue]this link[/blue][/url].

In the search bar, enter in the service.

Then click "Renew" to continue to the next step.

You can login by clicking on "Customer Login" on the top right of the page.

Part 2: Enter the product name

In this interface, you can renew several services. To do this, enter the one after the other as follows: sqlprive-Nic_Handle-001

You can put as many services as you want.

Part 3: Select durations

At this stage, choose your renewal terms.

Rates vary depending on the service and the time of renewal.

Once your choice is made​​, keep your order by clicking "OK".

Your order will appear. For more information about this, you can help yourself information given above in "Part 4: Generating order"

Renewal of your services (customer area)


Part 1: Login to the client area

Sign in [url="] [blue]Manager[/blue][/url] with your username (nic-handle) - password.

Once connected, select the icon "Renew" at the bottom of the home page of your account.

A new page appears with the various services you have and it will be possible to renew.

Please note, if the expiration date of your services is exceeded, the renewal in the Manager is no longer functional, only renewal via the site is feasible.

Part 2: Selection of services and renewal terms

In the new interface, you can choose a service you wish to renew, or select all.

The box orange at the top left, select the desired billing contact (NB: only appears if billing contacts for your services are different).

Then click "Renew" to continue to the next step.

Your order appears. For more information about this, you can help yourself information given above in "Part 4: Generating order"



Lifecycle of a domain name

Explanatory graph: