This guide will explain how to transfer a generic domain name to OVH.




In order to transfer your generic top-level domain (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz and similar), make sure that it meets the following conditions:

  • Your domain must not be in the redemption phase or the pending to delete phrase.*
  • Your domain must have been created or transferred over 61 days ago. *
  • You should not have renewed your domain fewer than 46 days ago. (Recommendation)
  • The email addresses of contacts in the Whois database must be correct.*
  • The Whois database contacts and especially the owner must have been informed of the transfer request.*
  • The domain must not be blocked.*
  • The expiration date should be greater than 61 days.

(* : Required)

  • Unlock the domain and get the transfer code (from the outgoing registrar)

  • Check the status of your domain by contacting your current registrar and/or via the OVH Whois tool. The domain must be transferable, that is to say, it must be in the ON/OK state. If the domain is not in this state, please contact your current registrar to find out how to unblock the default protection. In case of a dispute, an unpaid or expired domain, please contact your registrar.

To find out who your current registrar is, search for your domain in the Whois.

The transfer code is also known as: AuthCodeAuthInfoEPP CodeTransfer Code, etc.

Transfer procedure


Step 1: Unlock the domain name and get the transfer code

To transfer your domain to OVH, you have to unlock you domain name so that its status is OK (visible in the [url= ""] [blue]Whois[/blue][/url]) and get the AUTH/INFO code for a .com/.net domain name or similar.

The AUTH/INFO code is a key that the registry needs to verify your domain name transfer. You can check the status of your domain using the Whois tool. The earlier part of this guide details the necessary conditions for correct domain name transfer.

To unlock your domain name, we recommend that you contact your old provider.

When a domain is unlocked, it automatically locks again after 7 days. This deadline applied to all extensions.

Keep this transfer code, you will need it during the ordering process.

Step 2: Completing the order on the OVH website

We will now look at the important steps for ordering a transfer of a generic top-level domain name.
Only the important steps of the order process will be discussed here.
Find the domain
  • On the OVH website
[url=""], you have to search for your domain name in the search bar, and then click "Order/Transfer".
Domain Verification
During this second step, a more thorough domain name check is carried out.
You must guarantee that you own the domain name.

In fact, you can begin the transfer without being the owner, but if the legitimate domain name owner refuses the request, the domain will not be transferred.

Select "Continue".
This type of transfer does not change the domain name owner. To modify this, you must do so before or after the transfer, with the incoming registrar.
  • At this stage you have to choose between Traditional DNS servers or DNS Anycast servers.
You also have to choose the hosting package for your domain.
Information on the transfer code
  • To transfer your domain to OVH, you have to get the (AUTHINFO) from your old provider.
You can then enter it in the purchase order.

If you choose to enter it at a later date, you have to go to your control panel. On the Homepage, go to "Domains" -> "Operations in progress".

Click "Continue" [/ blue].
Choose hosting package
  • You then have to choose whether or not you want to order a hosting package with your domain.
Once you have chosen, go to the next stage.
Preview of your order
  • A summary of your order is available on this page.
Click "Continue" to go to the next step.
  • Log in or create a new account to continue.
Preview contacts
  • On this page, you have to choose the contacts to be set up once the domain name has been transferred.
Confirmation of domain ownership
  • You now must confirm that you own the domain name.
Select "Continue" after confirming the request.
Choose DNS servers (unless you have chosen DNS Anycast servers)
You now have to choose your DNS servers:

  • OVH Servers: You have previously configured your OVH DNS zone or enabled your hosting package as well as your emails.
  • Keep current DNS servers: You have to check that your current provider will continue to provide the services attached to your domain once the transfer is complete.
  • Customise your servers yourself: You enter the DNS servers of your choice and you make sure that they are correctly configured.
Confirm Terms and Conditions
  • In order to generate your purchase order, you have to confirm that you accept the terms and conditions.

  • If you request a domain name transfer and a hosting package, the hosting package is usually installed before the domain name.
  • The transfer will not start until you have paid the order.

Step 3: Confirmation of OVH receipt of transfer emails and completion of the transfer

Once the order has been settled, the transfer will begin.
Transfer initiation
Once the transfer is initiated, two e-mails are sent.
The first email is sent to the owner of the domain, as stated in the Whois.
The second is sent to the email address of the new administrative contact at OVH.
Email validation
To accelerate the transfer process, we recommend that you validate both emails received, even if the email address of the two contacts is the same.

Rules for email validation:

  • If the application is rejected or there is no answer within 5 days: the transfer is abandoned*.
  • If only one of the emails is validated, after five days the transfer proceeds to the next stage.
  • If both emails are validated we progress to the next stage within 24 hours.

(*: If the transfer is abandoned, you can reactivate it without having to pay again for the service. To do this, go to your customer account, click on "My Products" -> "Ongoing operations" and relaunch the transfer.
Complete transfer
We will send an email to your outgoing registrar.

The registrar has 5 days to accept or reject your request.
If they do not refuse the email will automatically validated in 5 days.
To accelerate this transfer step, you can directly contact your outgoing registrar.

If your outgoing registrar opposes your transfer request, unfortunately it will not be completed.

Useful information


Cost of transferring a Generic Top-Level domain (GTLD)

You can find information on transferring country code top-level domain names and their pricing in the domains section, of the OVH website.

  • After ordering a web hosting package, your purchase order could be validated for free. In this instance you have to send the purchase order straight to the support team.

*Only for the following extensions: com , net , biz , info , org , name , fr , re , eu , be , es , it , de , at , , , , nl , us , ca , cz , ch , in , lt , dk , pm , so , se , yt , tf , wf , pt

Lifecycle of a domain name

It may take between 1 and 10 days to transfer a Generic Top-Level domain (. Com,. Net. Org,. Info,. Biz) depending on the email validation.

Please read the "Transfer procedure section" to learn how it works.

Renewing a domain following a transfer

After the transfer we will credit your domain for another year.
For all paid for transfers, will add an extra year.

Transfer and change of ownership

Some extensions let you combine domain name transfer and change of ownership in one.
In this case the validation process is a little different. A guide on this subject will be available soon.

Domain name lifecycle