The "Send As" feature enables you to send an email from another account.
In the example, my "test" email account will allow emails to be sent from the "config" email address, without the recipient being able to see that it was sent from "test".

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Activate Send As permissions


Step 1: Set up Send As permissions

These steps must be carried out via the Web Control Panel.

Once logged in, select your Exchange service by clicking on it in the left-hand column under "Platforms".

Click on the "Email accounts" tab, then click "More actions" icon on the far right (three blue dots).

Then select "Manage delegations".

Step 2: Set up Send As permissions

The delegation configuration window will open. Here, you can select an email account and grant sending and access permissions.

Simply tick the boxes and then click "Next".

Step 3: Set up Send As permissions

A summary of the delegations will appear in the window. Here you need to confirm your selection.

It may take a few moments for the delegations to be applied.

Click on "Confirm".

View Send As permissions: Verification with OWA.


Step 1: Configuration in OWA

You can check in OWA that you can now send an email as another account, e.g. "" as "".

Click on "+ new mail" and then click the "..." icon to the right of "Insert" in order to display the "From" field.

Click on "From" and right-click the existing address to remove it. You can then enter the second address manually.

It will now be saved automatically.

Step 2: Configuration in OWA

The email has successfully been received on the behalf of "config".

Possible error

This error message may appear if the Send As permissions have not been configured: