Features designed for business

Microsoft Exchange 2013 has an enriched list of features. Co-creation and data-sharing facilities enable your employees to collaborate and share information rapidly; calendars, contacts, resource management...

A tailor-made service

Whether you're new to Exchange account or not...
OVH will ensure you get started quickly with your email. Exchange must be based on a domain name, which doesn't have to be managed by OVH. If you're already using Exchange with another service provider, we can carry out a migration without any data loss or service interruption.

Choice of configurations and settings
Everything is easy to manage via your Web Control Panel in a matter of clicks. You will find a set features to adapt the solution to your daily needs. You can activate anti-spam and anti-virus options, allocate accounts (switch from one domain to another at no extra cost), and customise your service.
A tailor-made service

Your emails everywhere, across all devices

Your emails everywhere, across all devices

Mobile navigation
Access your Exchange account from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC. Your emails, calendars and contacts will always be with you. Very convenient when you're on the move.

Exchange ActiveSync
With Exchange ActiveSync, all your actions are synchronised simultaneously, and replicated on all your devices (smartphone, webmail, PC), so your Exchange is always up-to-date.

View email messages offline
Thanks to a caching system, you can now view all the emails you have received when you're offline. Very useful when you're travelling and unable to get online.

Other Exchange features

Outlook WebApp
Outlook WebApp, which allows users to access their email from a web browser, has now been optimised for touch screens.

SmartSearch technology analyses how you use Exchange to optimise your search results.

Shared calendar
The calendar included in Microsoft Exchange enables appointments and meetings to be arranged. In addition to defining the invited participants, you can choose the time, a topic, select a room and even see the availability of your workers, and of course, you can share your calendar or authorise other users to view it.

Address book
You can develop address book strategies to provide customised views of the global address list. Segmentation of the list enables you to create a virtual separation of users at directory level and consequently to optimise the address lists for each group of workers.

Strengthen the security of your exchanges
At OVH, your data is hosted in France and is therefore subject to French legislation, which is very strict in terms of personal data security and privacy. Only people authorised by you can access your email system.

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