Licence Plesk

The very popular Plesk management interface is available for your OVH dedicated server.
You can add it to the distribution of your choice (Windows, Linux)

What is this?

Plesk is a platform that allows you to manage your web projects without the need for special skills in web development. No more terminal or command lines to deploy your projects, website, database, emails, etc. Choose Plesk's ease of use so that you and your clients can make your projects happen in just a few clicks.
More information on Plesk here

Get a Plesk licence

To make it easier, we recommend that you use one of our ready-to-use distributions with Plesk preinstalled:

Linux Windows
Linux Plesk 12.5 (Debian 8) Windows 2012 Standard Plesk 12
Linux Plesk 12.5 (CentOS 7) Windows 2012 R2 Standard Plesk 12
Linux Plesk 17 Onyx (CentOS 7)

However, you can install Plesk on the distribution of your choice. To sign up for a Plesk licence or add options, log in to your Manager, or sign up directly for your server.

Details on Plesk services

Service Professional web hosting Web Host
Service management Interface customisation Yes Yes
Subscription management Yes Yes
Customer account management Yes Yes
Reseller management - Yes
Development tools WordPress Toolkit Yes Yes
Developer Pack Yes Yes
Plesk mobile manager Yes Yes
Security Security core Yes Yes
Outbound anti-spam Yes Yes
SpamAssasin Yes Yes
Limits Domain limit 30 Unlimited
Price $9.79/month

Additional options

Language Pack Per unit $2.79/month
Unlimited $27.86/month
Power Pack: A Plesk add-on includes: the Pack application, SpamAssassin, Tomcat, ColdFusion, PostgreSQL $9.79/month
Kaspersky Antivirus: Protect your emails against viruses $30.79/month