IPs included

IPs included

With OVH dedicated servers, you can have up to purchasing up to 256 IPs on every server.
These IPs enable you to migrate your services with ease from one server to another,
associate geolocated IPs for every domain hosted or even to define dedicated IPs for every VM created.

IP set-up fees

Up to 256 IPs and/or 64 slots* available:

Failover IP
IP block
Quantity of IPs/slot 1 IP
2 IPs (/31) 4 IPs (/30) 8 IPs (/29) 16 IP (/28) 32 IP (/27) 64 IP (/26) 128 IPs (/25) 256 IPs (/24)
Setup fees $3.00/IP
Monthly subscription FREE**

*Slots represent the quantity of routes available for addressing your IPs and IP blocks. One slot can contain 1 IP or 1 block of several IPs.

**Excluding PRO option on previous server ranges.

Services linked to the IPs

If you want to keep IPs which are not routed on your servers (complete or split blocks), you can park them at cost, according to the following charges:

Merging/splitting of blocks Coming soon
Parking fees for non-routed IPs $3.00/month/IP

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