Get a server from our Advance range, now available in our European and Canadian datacentres.

Our Enterprise and Hosting server ranges are still available in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Enterprise servers

High computing power for your projects

High-performance professional servers, specifically designed for businesses. As a multi-purpose solution, they suit a wide range of needs: hosting complex business applications, virtual machine setup, and even customer relationship management (CRM) tool setup.


The advantages of Enterprise servers

High frequency

SP servers: high-frequency servers

The high-frequency processors in SP servers are adapted to suit projects that require a lot of computing power. With the vRack private network (available on the SP-32 and SP-64 servers), you can create your own server cluster, or add your server to an existing one.


MG servers: dual processors and cores

Equipped with two Xeon processors that each have a high number of cores, MG servers can process a high number of tasks. They are perfect for virtualisation projects, and offer a high volume of RAM to ensure high performance and stability.

Recommended servers

Intel  Xeon E3-1245 v5
4c/8t - 3.5GHz /3.9GHz
32GB DDR4 2133MHz
SoftRaid 2x2TB SATA
250 Mbps  bandwidth
vRack: 100 Mbps
Intel  Xeon E3-1245v5
4c/8t - 3.5GHz /3.9GHz
64GB DDR4 2133MHz
SoftRaid 2x2TB SATA
250 Mbps  bandwidth
vRack: 100 Mbps

Uses of an Enterprise server

Backup server

Business applications

Get high performance and high availability for business applications with an Enterprise server.

Multimedia storage


Get servers equipped with a high number of cores, specially adapted for virtualization. Create virtual server fleets with one or more dedicated servers.

High-volume database storage


CRM solutions and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications benefit massively from full access to all of a server's resources. This provides optimal performance and ensures that data is available to users, wherever they are based.

Why rent a dedicated server in our data centers?

A sure guarantee

By hosting a server on your own premises, you are responsible for hardware maintenance, as well as securing your computer network and power supplies. By renting a server from an OVH data center, you get all the guarantees that are essential for a high-availability, high-performance machine. All of our servers are equipped with next-generation components, and built by us. We offer record delivery time, a range of backup options, connection to the OVH private network (vRack), a wide range of compatible operating systems, and a powerful anti-DDoS solution.

What is a virtual server?

With a physical server, you can use emulation software to create one or more virtual servers. They will use a portion of the physical server's resources, which are allocated to them by the emulation software. There are several advantages to this method, including:

  • Hot migration of a virtual machine
  • The ability to optimize resource usage on a dedicated server
  • The ability to separate different services offered by a business, for higher security