Best Value series

Your dedicated server at an unbeatable price

Discover our new series of bare metal, performance-based servers at an affordable price. Our Best Value servers are perfect for an infrastructure focused on web hosting (showcase, online store, etc.) and business applications or for a development environment.
Harness the power of a machine with dedicated resources without worrying about the hardware.

Best Value

Advantages of the Best Value servers

High frequency

Perfect to get started

The Best Value servers have all you need to get your infrastructure project off the ground: your own machine with guaranteed resources, a powerful anti-DDoS protection against distributed denial of service attacks, 500 GB backup space, and a library of distributions that can be installed automatically.

Recommended servers

Uses for a Best Value server

Multimedia storage

Web hosting

Give your users the best browsing experience by hosting your online store on a machine that will reduce loading times.

Backup server

Business applications

Deploy your business applications on a highly available server remotely accessible by your employees wherever they are.

High-volume database storage

Web development

Set up a web development environment with complete control over the choice of distribution and software.

What is a bare metal server?

The phrase "bare metal" is simply a different way of referring to a dedicated server.

We're talking about a physical server without any preinstalled software layer.
The customer is the sole user of this infrastructure and has with complete control over it. They can install any operating system of their choice and configure it based on their needs. All machine resources are guaranteed and not used by any of the overlays.
At OVH, bare metal servers come with various services, including our Anti-DDoS and dedicated backup space.