Backup Storage

On the OVH dedicated server range, you get a backup space of 500 GB per server. In order to offer you a quality service without the hassle of technical administration, this space is entirely managed by OVH.

How it works

To transfer your data, simply log in to our backup server using the protocol of your choice and deposit your files. To ensure that your data remains secure, it's only possible to log in to your account via your own server.

Increase your backup capacity

In order to meet your backup requirements, we suggest increasing your storage space up to 10 TB of data.

Upgrade your total backup space
Capacity 1 TB* 5 TB* 10 TB*
Price $16.00/month

Details on the transfer protocols

OVH is the only player on the market to offer a 500 GB backup space supporting the following transfer protocols:

  • FTP ;
  • FTPS ;
  • NFS ;
  • CIFS.

Focus on NFS/CIFS

The NFS and CIFS protocols enable you to mount your backup space locally on your server. The direct advantage is being able to manipulate your files as if they were on a local disk and thus to use all admin tools easily to carry out your backup.

OVH cannot be held liable for technical incidents on the backup spaces or the data hosted.

*From 1 TB, a new storage space will be offered. You transfer your data yourself within 1 month.