Cloud Databases

Discover our powerful, managed database solutions for all your services!

Private databases connected to a public network, compatible with all of your OVH services and your external services too.

The advantages of Cloud Databases

  • 512 MB - 4 GB guaranteed RAM
  • High-performance NVMe SSD storage
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Up to 200 simultaneous connections
  • Access to journals ("Live Logs")
  • Public network connection
  • Unrestricted configuration*

*autoCommit, innodbBufferPoolSize, maxAllowedPacket, maxConnections, tmpdir, PostgreSQL extensions...

MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis

Choose the database that is most convenient for you, then use the control panel to manage it.

Fast and flexible!

Switch to a higher solution in just a few clicks. Your databases will also benefit from our optimized configurations, giving you maximum performance.

Basic solutions

Select the RAM and storage you want. There is no risk of overspending, everything is included!

Cloud Databases

4 GB storage

 $ 999  USD 
(  $ 1,199 USD )

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Included with Cloud Databases

Daily backups

Put your mind at ease, as OVH creates automatic daily backups of all your databases. You can easily find and download them from your Control Panel.

High-performance storage

Our databases are powered by NVMe SSD storage, guaranteeing you lightning-fast read and write performance.

Internet network access

Public Cloud, VPS, dedicated server...the Cloud Databases solution will become an ideal companion for helping you build your infrastructure. Manage the IPs authorized to connect to your databases via your control panel.

Always up-to-date

OVH will manage the operating system and engine for your databases, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

Access to logs and metrics

A request that takes too long to close can block other requests, increasing your database's overall response time. The logs allow you to identify "Slow queries", thus allowing you to optimize your tables and requests. You can then avoid "too many connections" errors.

Manage and track your databases in your control panel

Find general information and actions that allow you to manage your Cloud Database. You can track metrics for RAM usage and active connections.

Your questions answered

What are the differences between the Cloud Databases solution and Private SQL?
Aside from the solutions which can vary, Private SQL is recommended for combined use with an OVH Web Hosting solution, and the Cloud Databases solution is recommended for use with and internal or external service, like a VPS, a dedicated server or Public Cloud...with everything connected via the public internet connection.

Where would my data be hosted?
The choice of hosting location is available in the order process (currently available in France only). Backups are located in the same geographical zone as your service.

Can I switch from one solution to another?
You can upgrade to a higher solution in your control panel, in just a few clicks.

Is the Cloud Databases solution compatible with vRack?
No, the Cloud Databases solution doesn't currently support vRack. This function will be offered with our "high-availability" solutions.

Est-ce qu’OVH gère l’application des patchs et mises à jour ?
Yes, OVH takes care of the entire infrastructure maintenance, including the operating system and database engine. We do operational maintenance, 24h/7.